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General Disclaimer

This represents general information only. Before making any financial or investment decisions, we recommend that you consult an independent financial advisor and/or tax expert to take into account your Body Corporate’s and/or personal financial position, specific objectives, and particular needs before committing to any solution offered. TRACS and any of its Representatives, whether natural or juristic persons, do not accept any liability for any errors in or omissions of information supplied in any editorial, brochure, or document on this website.

Website Disclaimer

Information provided on this website is of a general nature and does not constitute financial or any other advice in any way whatsoever.

TRACS undertakes to update the website regularly as information contained herein is dynamic. Information can change without notice and TRACS do not guarantee the accuracy of any information provided on the website, including and especially information provided by third party service providers, partners, affiliates and/or any other entity, at any particular time.

TRACS undertakes to make every effort to ensure that information provided on this website is accurate. Before making any decision, we recommend you contact one of our consultants, or an independent financial advisor, tax expert, and/or lawyer to taking into consideration your particular financial situation, objectives, individual circumstances and needs.

TRACS have not warranted the accuracy, reliability or completeness of information which is contained in this website. TRACS and their employees, consultants, and/or partners do not accept liability for errors or omissions on this web site or for any consequential loss or damage which may be suffered by any person relying on this information in any decision-making process.

Unless otherwise specified, copyright of information, logos, pictures and photos provided on this website are owned by TRACS. It is not permitted for you to alter or modify this information, logo, picture and/or photo in any way whatsoever, which includes the removal of this copyright notice.

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